Exercise for weight loss belly and sides

A girl performs an exercise for weight loss belly and sides

How to do effective physical exercises for weight loss belly and sides? Mistakes beginners. A set of weight training in detail.

Ask any trainer about exercises for weight loss belly and sides and get the wrong answer, which would. Psychologically, we all have one goal — a "swing" that is a problem area, and believe that if the muscles are there, "burns", then the exercise works. Physiology of men is somewhat different. And you will never get rid of fat in midsection, until you have a low percentage of it in General. In General, isolation movements will not help. You need a balanced diet, and well-written training plan exercise for weight loss belly and sides. The man, incidentally, requires the same special treatment as a woman.

Why exercise is often "not working"?

You obviously saw on social networks an article from 10-12 supposedly home exercises for weight loss belly and flanks, half of which are variations on the direct twisting, and the remainder hybrids straps and ghosts of the tribes to different parts of the body. And even tried to do, but somehow not very helpful. What is the reason? Is all once you hide the "secret element" in the form of fat burner or something similar? No, reason is different:

  • "regional" complexes that do not utilize feet are unlikely to seriously alter the metabolism and increase calorie consumption. The same rectus abdominis is not the most large and strong The complex of exercises for the stomach and hips for womenin its reduction not energy, as, for example, when you squat and deadlift;
  • if the pump only abs and flanks fast enough to earn a violation of posture. A relatively weak back muscles just will not keep her, and you Wake up one morning not with a slim waist and pressure, and curled forward shoulders, lordosis in the lower back and a distinct "hump". Besides, twisting just dangerous for people with weak long muscles of the back, they can cause displacement of the vertebrae, especially if you overdo it and "clamping" muscles, as often advised;
  • and the feeling that "I've done the training, now I can eat" after an hour of movements on the Mat exactly the same as after normal weight training. Because often those sit-UPS, eat for strength and not lose weight.

In General, you need systems that not only worked abs and obliques, but also loaded both legs, back, arms, chest. Here is an example of such a complex.

The complex of exercises for slimming the abdomen and back with free weights

Warm up: 10 minute walk on the elliptical trainer, or walking with high lifting the knee and bringing the elbow to the opposite knee. During the warm-up, draw the belly, feel the muscles.

The main part


First you need to statically stabilize the press. This will help to avoid problems with the spine. Start with a simple strap. Stand like pushups to focus on the floor, hands are projected onto the head, the shoulders, the arms straight, but no aggressive extension of the elbow until it clicks. Pull your stomach and get the "house" of the buttocks, let the back be as flat as possible. Breathe freely, stay in the pose 30 to 60 seconds. Perform 3-4 approach. When this becomes easy, get down on the forearm. When and strap on the forearms seems simple — lift one leg so that the hips were in the floor projection, do not twist the pelvis in different directions.

Exercise plank on one arm

Attach the rubber expander to door or stand at the top of the simulator "crossover". Grab the handle with both hands, staying left to the projectile. Perform a simultaneous reduction of the press and the slope to the right, bringing the hands to the right hip. The movement resembles a "felling" axe. Do slowly, do not exceed 15 repetitions. If you can do 20, increase the resistance. 3-4 sets on each side will be enough.

Then set the timer so that the signal sounded every minute, and perform consistently for 2 rounds of each giant set. Get more detailed effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides.

Set 1

Squats with a fretboard over your head

Take the neck or body bar with a grip wider than shoulder width, and bring it over your head and slightly back. Do a classic squat, let your buttocks drops just below parallel to the floor to the hips. Draw the belly so that the Cabinet does not rock from side to side.

The leg lift and hold

Lie on the floor and grab the hand support behind the head. Slowly through the press, raise your legs to perpendicular to the floor, press lower back to the support. Athletic slim female abdomenThen force of contraction of the rectus abdominis muscle print leg a little higher, as if you wanted to do the birch. Hold for 3 seconds, repeat.

Jumping in the emphasis lying

Take focus like pushups and softly jump the feet apart and feet together. If you can't jump, just walk. Attention — the center of the body, draw the belly, do not let the buttocks "climb" up.

Set 2

Push the neck up

Stand up straight, neck straight or bar in the lowered hands. Do the squat and the simultaneous rise of the projectile to the chest, pulling your elbows down. Getting up, force of the muscles of the thighs and the press push the neck up. Hands only "adjusted" it by straightening at the elbows. The rack slowly lower the weight to the chest and to its original position. Your goal is to learn how to push it with their feet, not to lift the weight with your hands, and keep a straight back and the abdomen drawn in.

Push-UPS with pull

Stand in the lock for push-UPS, hands on dumbbells (if there are no forces or capabilities, you can simply bring the hands to the belt with strength reducing wide). Press from the floor, and then standing at the top, release your right hand. Bring the dumbbell to the belt strength of the latissimus dorsi muscle. Dip, press, repeat.

"From downward-facing dog to Cobra"

Stand in an L-pose or downward dog. Much stretch buttocks up, stretching his back. On the exhale, you want to reverse the motion and bend as far as possible, staying in focus on the palms and toes. Perform slowly and do not relax the stomach in the extreme points of the exercise.

After completing all rounds, pull the core muscles of the body, and about 20 minutes to walk on any cardio equipment, if you have the strength, or just to take a shower. Cardio this set you can add wishes and well-being, it itself is perfectly trains the heart and burns calories. Change exercise for weight loss belly and sides every 4-5 weeks and follow the eating and try to increase the weight of the weights at each workout. So you will lose weight faster than with hoops, tilt and other popular Arsenal.